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13.06.2012 POGC meeting with acting chairman of NOC

The meeting addressed the aspects of cooperation between both sides in oil and gas sector, the company plan to abolish the force majeure and return to the exploration work, as well as the company plans for broadening its activity in Libya in future.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of NOC:

  • Mr. Mustafa Sana Allah – acting chairman of the management board of National Oil Corporation  
  • Mr. Al-Imari Mohamed Al-Imari  – member of NOC Management Board,
  • Mr. Ahmed Almaqdami – member of NOC Management Board,
  • Mr. Fathi Madi – Investment and Owners Committees Department,
  • Mr. Bashir Gariaa – Exploration Department
  • Mr. Abdul-Fattah Shagan, Production Department Manager

and representatives of POGC – Libya B.V., Libya Branch:

  • Mr. Jacek Gutowski – vice-chairman of the Management Board of POGC– Libya B.V.  
  • Mr. Mohamed Benor – deputy General Manager
  • Mr. Mustafa El Jard – Exploration Department Manager.